The Enemy is at the Gates and inside the Country.

We have a totally obstructionist Senate that hasn’t passed a budget in over 3 years hasn’t passed any meaningful legislation that will benefit the country and people they are intractable in their attempts to impose socialistic dictatorship on the country;and the total destruction of the constitution,laws,government,and the economy, military and liberty and freedom in leau of absolute oversight and control of every aspect of the daily lives of individuals and all business in this country under their totalitarian precepts. This dictator brazenly is signing edict after edict and totally circumventing congress and constitution. He and his fully corrupt  politburo are actively destroying the country and lying the “Big Lies” about it. This guild of trogolodytes and socialistic neanderthals are sitting fat dumb and stupid while Iran builds nuclear weapons they will use against Europe and the United States as coercion when they have them. Obama is the main part of the entire damn problem who’s enabling these evil bastards through his stupid foolish pretentious and vain hope of negotiating with these evil slitherous snakes. The Evil Obama slitherous snakes negotiating with the Evil Ahmadinejad slitherous snakes. Oh meanwhile back at the ranch in Venezuela there’s a 24 hour Iranian Radical Islamic radio and television network in Spanish attacking western values and civilization and Christianity under the protective shield of the Evil Socialistic Radical Hugo Chavez. Iran is building missile bases and large well equipped terrorist training facilities in Venezuela as well as cyber and signal intelligence stations and are cooperating in the development of the new Iranian nuclear weapons programs. Also in Brazil,Bolivia,possibly Peru and Mexico similar facilities are being built or are planned. While the Radical Obama and his Radical politburo turn a blind eye to this going on in our hemisphere. We are in for a rude awakening unless we come to total cognizance of what’s occuring and decisively stop it in its track this scenario is totally unacceptable !!!

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