Calling Dr.Who

Tom Baker

We need Dr.Who to the rescue because the radicals running this country are like an episode out of Dr. Who.  The bing bongs running around pretending to be in charge couldn’t lead a  blind goat to the pond. These people are beyond lunatic they’re level 12 psychotic with their delusional dyfunctional ideas and plans.  These vaccuous meatballs are as intelligent as Sponge Bob. On Nov.6th they gotta go !!!   A pretzel has more commonsense than the duffusses taking up space in Washington.  These meatballs they’re certainly not doing anything to warrant a paycheck.  The Goat in the Aflac commercial is more useful than they are.  They have the impact of a peppermint atomizer in a level 5 skunk flatulence tornado;absolutely zilch nada zippo. These lousy fakes have gotta go. Time to clean the house and take out the garbage.


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