Contact Your Government



Wanna make a difference in our country. Wanna tell them what you think of their lack of energy development and an energy policy. Wanna tell them that their misstewardship of our money and treasury and their lunatic spending binge policies and taxation without representation and results is getting to be a bore. The skyrocketing gas costs and their hemmoragic bleedovers increasing costs of goods,food,deterioration of our standard of living are really infuriating you. Tell them your displeasure with a 70,000 page undecipherable encyclopedia they call a tax code which they hide their total misspending and graft and corrupt theft of funds within that isn’t gonna fly no more. Yeah “Send Them A Message”  Nov.6th “Really Send Those Succubus Wraithes A Message You’re Fired” !!!   Try something refreshing like not voting the same dirtballs who are screwing you back into the   office. “Fire”  Obama and his Cabal,Get rid of Nancy Pelosi,Henry Waxman,Charlie Rangel,Chuck Schumer,political ghouls like these Steny Hoyer,Claire McCaskill,Barbara Boxer,Deborah Wasserman/Schultz and all the tainted and corrupt miscreant Democraps. It’s our country our choice. Be Stupid and reelect the same rotten political crud or replace them with leaders who aren’t trying to destroy the country and serve themselves and their delusions of royalty and their egos.

Yeah “Send Them A Message America” Tick Tick Tick Little Brother is Watching Tick Tick Tick !!!



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