Truth in Washington D.C.

Truth in Washington seems to be a forgotten medium they’ve been spewing out “Big Lies” Distortions and Disinformation for so long it’s their normalacy. They spew so many lies with such aplomb it’s mind numbing they are following the criteria of the “Big Lie” exactly tell a big lie over and over eventually it becomes the truth.  But the wheel turns full circle and eventually lies come back to haunt you and the pot is churning and boiling. Nov. 6th we send them a message our opinion of their misstewardship of our country and it’s treasury and abuse and ignoring of our constitution. The people are the power and the constitution is an inspired document that only despots fear. We win for our  America we win for ourselves and political hacks don’t call the shots here the people do. All people have to do is wake up and be active and not asleep at the wheel and we can turn things around to the good and away from the cliff the pariahs want to take us over.


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