The JFK Assassination

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President John F. Kennedy was murdered by a cabal of treasonous traitors within his own cabinet,inner circle,rogue intelligence and secret service agents,political leaders and some people high within the corporate world in America. They have consistently for almost 50 years covered up tampered with and destroyed evidence which they vehemently deny doing. This same cabal was responsible 5 years later with the assassination of his brother Robert in 1968.  At Dealy Plaza and the Hotel there were more than one assassin. Robert Kennedy was killed by a bullet that entered behind his right ear. Sirhan Sirhan was contained and controlled to his left front by Roosevelt Grier and others. He was not the actual assassin who killed Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald was a dupe who was set up and in actuality and according to witness statements since denyed and covered up was in the lunchroom eating his lunch. The man never got his day in court the cabal saw to that. Thus from that moment for the last 48 plus years the cabal has been propagating the lone assassin myth.


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One Response to “The JFK Assassination”

  1. finnegan2749 Says:

    The truth is eventually gonna come out and all the “Big Lies”can’t hide it forever. My Opinion.

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