What’s at stake.

The coming election in November is the most crucial election in the history of our country. It is the total life or death election to determine the fate of our country. Never have I seen in our people a more cavallere callous and totally blatantly ignorant and stupid mentality. Running around like things are just  normal. People are so self absorbed in trivial mundane pursuits. They’re more concerned with some video game or some other crap or partying.  I Got news for them they’re gonna be the victims when it all collapses on top of them. They’re gonna be the ones paying $9.00 a gallon for gasolene they’re gonna be the ones that will be denied medical treatment under the rationed one size fits all Ocrapacare that costs more and gives less.  They’re gonna be the ones with a pittance of medicare and social security when it collapses because there’s no money to pay for them despite a forced 200% increase in their taxes that’ll be coming under the socialist disaster they’re walking into with their eyes wide shut and ears wide closed because they’re naiive,blind ignorant and totally stupid.  Obama’s Cabal is lying to the people of this country everyday. Yet they just lope along like brainless mummies allowing themselves to be spent and taxed into oblivion by the myopic radical left lunatics they stupidly keep putting back into office.  The likes of Reid,Pelosi,Waxman,Hoyer,McCaskill, Wasserman/Schultz,Boxer,Rangel,Schumer,Dodd,Frank,Franken,Kucinich and other assorted democraps who are grifters of the socialist gravytrain who sup and live large on the taxpayers money. Obama has squandered 6.5 trillion dollars since he’s come in. To all the stupid and uninitiated that is 200 billion dollars more than the  total combined debt of from George Washington to our previous President George Bush. It is unsustainable. We could have funded all the needs of the country with reserves with what Obama and his Democrapic Pariahs have squandered. Yet these succubus ghouls continue demanding more of your money and dig ever deeper into total absolute control of every aspect of peoples lives from how much money they can have,what they can eat,where they can go,what they can say,gee does that sound like totalitarian dictatorship duh !!!  This is the decisive moment this is where we win or die it’s not tommorow it’s now the election Nov.6th will determine the fate of this country. The people who want America to be America the America we grew up in with freedom and liberty for all and prosperity under our constitution and free enterprise and capitalism need to step forward and be a political tsunamai and send Obama and the Democraps a message.  Collectively the Republicans,and conservatives,teaparty,and independents need to stop squabbling and unify we need to stop falling into Caesars stratagem that the radical left is following divide and conquer. We need to stop listening to the propaganda and disinformation of the Obama propaganda machine and tune them out and wrest control of our country back into the peoples hands lest we perish and we will perish on the path we’re on. God and Country America Forever !!!  Nov.6th “Fire Obama and the Democraps” !!!


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