The “Big Lies” of Obama and Radical Liberalism !!!

The case against this dictatorial arrogant President is strong and factual. The repeated flagrant violations of the constitution and law are undeniable by this corrupt and politically inept administration. It is blatantly obvious this man and administration must be removed from office in November the first 4 years of this cabal are an unmitigated disaster and another 4 years of them will be the irremediable total collapse of the economy. He from day 1 has been an insideous cancer gutting the economy,foreign policy,constitution,laws,liberty military of this country for his surrepticious subterrainnean circumvention of what is America to replace it with the failed socialist policies of history as part of a socialist global conglomerate.  You see it in his becoming the head of the security council of the U.N. his unconcealed intention of the destruction of the national sovereignty of the United States of America. Nov. 6th this destructive Manchurian Candidate Pariah must be removed from office.



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