The whoppers of Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer Senate Democrats Hold Weekly Policy Meeting

The witch who turned the San Juachim Valley into a desert over an environmental lie about a 2 inch smelt.  Land that produced 20% of our national produce;does anyone smell an orchestrated food shortage here ? She and another Democrapic hatchetman Waxman refused to turn the water back on and put 100,000 people out of work. Many of them Latinos. Hey Latinos do you still think Obama and the rotten Democraps have your welfare and best interests in their heart. She and they lie to you to get you to vote for them because she and the Democraps think Latinos are to stupid to catch onto the Boxer Obama Waxman Democrapic game.  She’s a total Queen Prevaricator constantly telling the “Big Lie” over and over she’s totally disingenuous and has no truth in her at all. Follow Obama and the likes of her and you’re going off the cliff in 2013.



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