Violations of the Constitution Moves toward Dictatorship in America

The Importance and the absolute necessity for the removal of the Obama administration from office.  The very existence of America and freedom in the world is threatened by this radical socialistic President it is so blatantly obvious the path and the intent of this man and his cabal to move America into an international Orwellian socialist conglomerate and for the snuffing and extinguishment of freedom and liberty from America and the world. Slowly they are attempting like a python to sqeeze the life from the one true bastion of freedom in the world and replacing it with a dictatorial artificial nirvana. It is the absolute imperative of the America people to remove this slitherous snake and his serpentine proponents from power. He has abused his office and power from day 1 with his heavyhanded edicts and circumventions of constitution and law. We see firsthand through the medium of his deeds and rhetoric the true intentions and aspirations of all in his cabal and the shadows enabling them.  Shadows such as George Soros,Immelt and Trumpka and the corrupted unions that are merely camouflage for radical socialistic groups.




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