This is…random ramblings about the boob written from the boob (as in: breast feeding).

If you’ve never breastfed before your nipples are going to H-U-R-T. Like way worse than you could imagine.

A few days before I had Kellan, my mom asked me if I had been rolling my nipples. I was like, “Um…no…?…”

And then she was all, “You better get started and harden those things up!”

I guess I should have listened because OMG. The anticipation of the tiny mouth latching is torture. You know the pain you’re about to feel and there is nothing you can do but grimace and bear it.

The latching still hurts like a mother (ha…punny) for five seconds or so when Kellan latches on…but it’s nothing like the first few days when I would cringe and hold back tears.

There was absolutely no question about when he latched.

So, friendly PSA: It’s…

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