Watercolor Wednesday

As February rolled around I began to get cocky and thought I had escaped the extreme Scandinavian winter.


Mother Nature must have heard my boasting because since the start of February, she has smacked Copenhagen with below-freezing temperatures, extreme winds and snow.

Since arriving in Denmark, whenever I myself to a Dane (jeg hedder kirsten, jeg kommer fra California) and tell them I am from California I always get the same response– a chuckle and a “good luck this winter.”

Compared to past years, this winter has been exceptionally mild (until February that is).   Before February, we experienced mild temperatures, little rain and no snow (see why I was getting cocky?).

Thanks to my amazing super-jacket, multiple scarves and an extensive collection of earwarmers, this California girl has been keeping warm.  Oddly enough, I am enjoying this weather.  We will see how long the honeymoon lasts…

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