Penang Sunset

I’m going to Malaysia today!

I have a couple of friends I’m going to visit, but otherwise I’m not planning on visiting a lot of tourist landmarks or geographical attractions. Don’t intend to do any shopping either. I haven’t got any money! I have been making the joke that I will be taking a holiday in homelessness…just to see what that’s like. I bought the tickets very cheaply last July, when I had more dough, but since the kitchen I work at has closed for renovations these past two months, I’ve run out of nearly everything!

But it doesn’t bother me. A little can go a very long way if you aren’t fussy. It’s just for two weeks, anyway. It’s a great way to travel, because you have nothing to lose, you can be in the moment and not constantly watch your wallet, your bags, your gear, your keys, blah…

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